About Us

         ELC Electronics Co., Ltd is a dynamic company that provides customers with a full range of standard and custom products (AC/DC and DC/DC switching power supplies, LED drivers, transformers and custom power solution), as well as engineering services, manufacturing, integration and supply chain solutions.   
      With over 15 years of experience in design and manufacture of  power solution, we have established great relationship with customers in the field of industrial control, LED, audio equipment,  display, elevator, TV & broadcasting, computer system, textile machine, safety control, automotive system, banking equipment… We are confident to offer you total power solutions and become our trustworthy power partner.
In order to be competitive domestically and internationally, we put the top priority to the switching power supply for the electrical equipment oriented to the intelligent power grid. Taking advantages of our strong brand in the traditional relay protection industry, we aggressively open up the new field for the distribution automation and the dispatching automation, so as to effectively explore the mating power supply markets for the power consumption facilities, keeping our growth abreast with the relay protection market.
We are trusted and expert supplier, our experience helps our customers achieve more reliable, efficient, safe and cost-effective resultst, to be a leading innovation enterprise of power solution.